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This is not a text written with a good mood. In each round after the rematch, the fans were thinking about how the Spaniard should start and how to set the strategy to take all three points. At the same time, they chanted that their relegation opponents lost points one by one. However, it was time to come-the Spaniard was finally downgraded.


Relegation is actually not a nightmare. Even Atletico Madrid, one of the top three in the Western Super League, has also been relegated, and now it has been alive and well after dozens of years.


In the 1992/93 season, Barcelona’s coach Setien, the Spaniard’s Derby opponent, defeated the Spaniard on the scene as a member of Racing Santander, and personally sent the latter to a dead end, witnessing the fourth time in its history. Downgrade.


But what about it? The Spaniard still survived, and later reached the UEFA Cup final. There is only a momentary ups and downs on the football field, and there is no permanent sinking. Presumably, the Spaniards now understand this truth better than us.


From the ups and downs of the past year or so, since fate seems to be doomed, accept it calmly and prepare for the next Nirvana rebirth.


Although the outside world is full of various rumors about Wu Lei's whereabouts next season, before any official announcement is released, let us acquiesce that Wu Lei will stay with the Spaniard and fight with the team in West Division.


Chinese fans don’t have to worry about not seeing Wu Lei on the stadium in the coming year. Domestic broadcasters have already taken advantage of the situation when they won the broadcast rights of La Liga. We can still sit in front of the TV and cheer for him.


The Spanish professional football league consists of La Liga and La Liga, and La Liga is the second level. Every year after the end of the La Liga season, the last three places in the league will automatically drop into the next season’s La Liga; and for La Liga, the top two teams will pass through La Liga, and the third to sixth places will be the final 1 through the home and away play-offs. Promotion places.


According to the current ranking situation, if there is no change in the ranking in the next few rounds, the three relegation places in La Liga will be occupied by Mallorca, Leganes and Spaniards.


In the second half, the top two Cadiz and Huesca will go straight to La Liga, while the third to sixth Real Zaragoza, Almeria, Girona and Elche will pass the additional The format of the game determines the last upgrade place.


Fans familiar with the Premier League must have heard the term "parachute protection money". In fact, this is not exclusive to the Premier League. Other leagues also have such a downgrade protection policy. For example, Spain will allocate 3.5% of the total broadcast revenue of the 42 clubs of La Liga and La Liga to the three relegated clubs.


According to "2Playbook", if the Spaniards are relegated, they will be allocated a parachute protection fund of up to 30 million euros, which is much higher than the highest protection fund so far received in the 2018/19 season. 2010 Ten thousand euros in Malaga.

根据《 2Playbook》的报道,如果西班牙人降级,他们将获得高达3000万欧元的降落伞保护基金,这远远高于2018/19赛季迄今为止获得的最高保护基金。 2010年在马拉加赢得一万欧元。

However, the 30 million euros will not make the Spaniards happy even if they get it. After all, the price paid is too heavy, and this protection money can only be regarded as a compensation for it.


According to the broadcast share report of the 2018/19 season officially released by La Liga, we can see that the income from the broadcast of the teams in La Liga is only 11% of La Liga. Barcelona and Real Madrid, the highest in La Liga, can be divided into 166.5 million euros and 155.3 million euros respectively. Even Huesca, who has the least points in La Liga this season, has 44.2 million euros.


However, Las Palmas and Deportivo de La Coruña, the highest in the second division, are only in the early 10 million euros, and most of the other teams are in the range of 5 million to 10 million euros. So even if the Spaniard really gets 30 million euros in protection money, at most it can only fill a part of the vacancy in the broadcast share. If they cannot successfully return to La Liga in the first season after being dropped into La Liga, they will be Not so comfortable anymore


To some extent, the La Liga arena is relatively friendly to newly promoted horses from the second team. From 2017/18 to today's 2019/20, China has produced 9 newly promoted La Liga in the last three seasons. Among them, even if Mallorca, which is also unable to escape relegation this season, is removed, there are still 5 newly promoted horses. Live a good life in La Liga, they are:


2017/18 season La Liga newly promoted: Levante, Getafe;


2018/19 season La Liga promotion: Valladolid;


Newly promoted in La Liga for the 2019/20 season: Osasuna, Granada.


Five of the nine newly promoted horses can survive at least one season in La Liga, which is not a low number.


And among these teams, there is no shortage of teams like Osasuna and Granada who have lived happily this season. The two teams currently ranked tenth and eleventh in the league have long been relegated. In the first half of the season, Granada was also at the forefront of the standings with Real Madrid.


More successful than them is Getafe, who are located south of Madrid, hopefully, within only three years of being promoted to La Liga, they will win the European war seat for two consecutive years.


This season, they have also made great strides in the Europa League, defeating Ajax in the 32-to-16 knockout stage, and will face Inter Milan, who has the same state of ups and downs after the rematch in the next round of the elimination round.


Although the survival rate of newly promoted La Liga is generally not low, there is a premise that cannot be ignored when making this discussion: you must first upgrade successfully, and then consider how to survive the upgrade.


La Liga is naturally a second-tier league with a significant difference in average level from La Liga, but this does not mean that every team in La Liga lacks the capital to fight even the middle and lower reaches of La Liga.


When discussing whether the Spaniard can immediately return to La Liga in the first season after being dropped into La Liga, we must first have a more basic understanding of the environment of La Liga in recent years.


The promotion of Granada in La Liga this season mentioned above is still a very suitable example to appear here. Although the loan has brought in a player with a certain strength like Marches, he also won the old Lianpo, but he can still give play to the experience advantage.


Under the leadership of Diego Martinez, Granada actually still retained the main lineup in the West Second Division last season and achieved good results.

在迭戈·马丁内斯(Diego Martinez)的领导下,格拉纳达上赛季实际上仍然保留了西二分区的主要阵容,并取得了不错的成绩。

The root of their achievement lies in their solid and utilitarian style of play, which to some extent coincides with Getafe-the two teams do have many similarities: in the statistics of La Liga this season, He Tafe and Granada ranked third and fifth in possession rate respectively; in terms of foul data, they ranked first and third in positive numbers.


It’s not surprising that Getafe is on the list. "The world is suffering for a long time. Getafe is not a joke. The fans of the major teams who have played against them have "condemned" them, using extreme pressure, and even love logging to destroy each other. The offensive rhythm, and at the same time, they are not so focused on their offensive fluency. They play hardly like a Spanish team.

赫塔菲跻身榜单并不奇怪。 “世界已经遭受了很长一段时间的苦难。赫塔菲不是在开玩笑。与他们对战的主要球队的球迷以极高的压力“谴责”了他们,甚至热爱伐木互相残杀。进攻的节奏,同时,他们并不太专注于进攻的流畅性,他们的表现很难像西班牙队那样。

Although Granada is not as extreme as Getafe, it is generally following this route. Don't these teams who have been promoted from West Second Division want to play beautiful football with Spanish characteristics? This is not necessarily true, but whether or not this condition exists is another matter.


This picture shows the broadcast share data of all teams in the Premier League in the 2018/19 season. Among them, we can see that even the bottom, almost called the weakest team in the history of the Premier League, can also get 96 million euros; and as we all know, the Premier League The promotion play-offs have long been known as the world's most valuable single football game. Aston Villa was able to earn a total of 170 million pounds after defeating Derby County and returning to the Premier League.


Compared with the lavishness of the Premier League, the broadcast income of only 40-50 million euros in the middle and lower reaches of La Liga is really not enough, which has also led to their stretch in the transfer market.


It’s totally unimaginable in La Liga that Newcastle United, who ranked 13th in the Premier League last season, paid a full £40 million to come to Ellington. You must know that the current record is in the Champions League and has been relatively stable for the past ten years. Following the top three of the Western Super League, Sevilla has a transfer fee record of only 25 million euros to win Conde.


The new broadcast income distribution method has indeed improved the situation of the middle and lower reaches of La Liga compared with the past, but the commercialization is still far behind the top such as the Premier League. The local economic situation in Spain is also more unfavorable, so they can only "cannot pay Money is "upgraded to the point where it can take out so much money", which is essentially still in the lower position in the food chain.


Therefore, newly promoted horses often don't spend a lot of money to increase their combat effectiveness by introducing high-level star players, but rely on the original lineup to fight steadily.


This also makes many teams in the middle and lower reaches of La Liga, their players may not actually outperform the upper reaches of the second team in terms of personal ability. For teams like Mallorca, many of them may be in the second team. Not considered superb, he just struggled for so long in La Liga, and once counterattacked Real Madrid as a deputy squad leader.


The current Getafe’s league striker Wang Jaime Mata, the first leg of the Europa League knockout against Ajax also destroyed the opponent’s defense like Tony’s possession, but now he is under 32 years old, just two years ago. The striker who had been in the second half did not come to La Liga until he was almost 30 years old.


There may not necessarily be an absolute difference in strength between the lower reaches of La Liga and the upper reaches of West B.


There are no shortage of players in the forefront of West Second Division who have more outstanding technical ability. However, due to the various reasons mentioned above, they will often still be more pragmatic in play, relying on a stable team to survive the upgrade for a long time.


If you have thighs, hold your thighs unswervingly, while those with less powerful legs will work together to even out the thighs.


In short, limited by financial resources and selection of talents, as a second-tier league that is not rich, there are very few double-winners in the West B team that can balance beautiful scenes and stable results.


For example, Cadiz, who leads the second place by 8 points in one game, is in a good situation for direct upgrade with 3 rounds left. However, their top scorer this season, Alex Fernandez, scored only 12 goals and ranked ninth in the second division. The team scored 49 goals but tied for fifth with the other three teams.

例如,在一场比赛中以8分领先第二名的加的斯处于良好状态,可以直接晋级3轮。然而,他们本赛季的头号得分手亚历克斯·费尔南德斯(Alex Fernandez)仅进12球,并在第二分区排名第九。球队攻入49球,但与其他三支球队并列第五。

This team's style of playing is very inclined to cut the opponent's pass line in the midfield, making it difficult for the opponent to organize smoothly. In the end, the game will often fall into the opposite side of the game and play a miracle to win.


Girona is the other extreme of La Liga, this team has the former La Liga bronze boots, Uruguay veteran Stuani. He scored 25 goals in this season's second division scorer list, leading the second-ranked Luis Suarez by 7 goals.


In the past two years, even if he was in the Second Division, he was still favored by Barcelona. After all, he was also the first strongman in the 21st century who could score twice against the Saskatchewans in one year. His strength is in the West. China B is really a dimensionality reduction strike.


Girona, who dropped into the second division, still retained his team in La Liga well, and continued to hug Stujani's thigh to build a system for upgrading. So the latter has also become a barometer of Girona's performance, Stujani is good for Girona, and Stujani is bad for Girona.

赫罗纳(Girona)跌入了第二分区,但他的球队仍然留在西甲(La Liga),并继续拥抱斯图亚尼(Stujani)的大腿以建立升级系统。因此后者也成为赫罗纳(Girona)表现的晴雨表,斯图亚尼(Stujani)对赫罗纳(Girona)有好处,斯图亚尼(Stujani)对赫罗纳(Girona)不利。

Huesca, ranked second, can be regarded as another example of a pack of wolves among the Western Second Division powers. This season their team's scorer king is an old acquaintance: the 34-year-old Japanese veteran Shinji Okazaki, who scored 10 league goals, was not even ranked in the top ten in the second division scorer list.

排名第二的韦斯卡省,可以被视为西方第二师大国中一群狼的另一个例子。这个赛季他们球队的得分王是个老熟人:34岁的日本老将冈崎伸司(Shinji Okazaki)取得了10个联赛进球,甚至还没有跻身第二分区得分手榜的前十名。

However, Huesca's overall style of play may be one of the most variable formations in the front row of the West Second Division. Their defensive ability is not excellent in the West Second Division environment. They rely heavily on multiplayer echelon work to form an offensive on the ribs. In general, Huesca may be one of the most mature in the tactical system of the All-West Division.


As for Almeria, the firing of Guti is a good indicator of their mode of operation this season: a group of demons dance, personnel changes are revolving around, and even the head coach has been changed for three times. There is no relatively long and stable routine exercise. The players have almost no tacit understanding on the court, and it is not easy to give a general evaluation.


Although Guti did have a lot to complain about in the last game of the team, but coming to such a hand near the end of the season play-offs, it is really so similar to the Spaniard.


Real Zaragoza, currently ranked third, is one of the most well-known of these West Second Teams. This year, they also played against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey. Now their coach is Victor Fernandez, who has picked up the coach for the third time.


Zaragoza's main thigh is the aforementioned Colombian Luis Suarez, who has the same name as the Barcelona Super Uruguay striker, but he is now only 22 years old and temporarily ranked second in the scorer list with 18 goals.


The style of this team has a taste of "Murong Fu", "Miscellaneous but not pure, but not precise". It is often biased in the rhythm of the opponent. This has directly led to the recent decline in the game and the tie-in history. A record four-game losing streak at home.


In short, as the best in a complete league environment, the Western Second Division powers can actually be regarded as contending in style, and sometimes their game fluency may not be inferior to some La Liga games.


However, the limitations of funding and signings also make them more dependent on star players or a utilitarian and stable system. After all, these Western B teams generally only averaged about 1.3 goals per game this season.


The Spaniard's coffin was eventually covered by his opponents in the same city. In fact, before this game, the Spaniard's series of employment has already made the fans feel that they have begun to prepare for next season's West Division in advance.


So after falling into the Second Division, how should the Spaniard re-adjust their posture and embark on the road of upgrading?


First of all, we still have to calculate the economic accounts for the Spaniards. In fact, someone has already helped to do this job.


What is clear at present is that the Spaniard does have certain pressure on wages this season. According to a report in Aspen, the salary cap of Spaniards who have been downgraded is as high as 86.33 million euros, ranking ninth in La Liga. The increase is the first in La Liga. This obviously does not match their poor record.


However, the Spaniard has been playing in La Liga for many years, and there are many mid- to high-paid players who may leave the team at the end of the season, including Diego Lopez, who will choose between staying or leaving the team with a lower salary. Veteran, so even if the salary cap is lowered after the relegation, it should still be within a tolerable range and even make room for it.


Manu Carrasco, a local Spaniard fan, also calculated an account specifically for the Spaniards and roughly estimated their income after they were downgraded to the second division.

西班牙本地球迷Manu Carrasco也专门为西班牙人计算了一个帐户,并在将其降级为第二级后大致估计了他们的收入。

As mentioned above, the Spaniards may receive a "parachute protection gold" of nearly 30 million euros, and they have been fighting in La Liga for many years, and their broadcast share has a high probability of exceeding 10 million euros (refer to the first half of this article. Data from La Coruña and Las Palmas visited).

如上所述,西班牙人可能会收到将近3000万欧元的“降落伞保护金”,并且他们在西甲作战了多年,其广播份额极有可能超过1000万欧元(请参阅第一个本文的一半。访问了拉科鲁尼亚(LaCoruña)和拉斯帕尔马斯(Las Palmas)的数据。

In addition, the Spaniard still has a certain level of fan base and historical background, and assuming that Wu Lei can stay in the team, then their level of advertising sponsorship will obviously have a certain advantage over other West Second teams. Moreover, they currently do not have too much debt, so they have an advantage in West B in terms of economic size, and there is not little room for operation.


The Spaniard's performance this season is so bad, his own operational mistakes are not small, the key players left the team too unprepared, the remedial measures are average.


After the start of the season, he walked and fell, constantly making up for it. As a result, no matter the coach, the players, or the system stabilized, the unstable lineup also made the alternation of new and old seem a bit hectic.


Under the premise that the relegation has become a fait accompli, he yelled, "We are the first team to prepare for the new season of West Division." It is somewhat helpless and self-deprecating, but the past cannot be changed. At this time, rethink and set the next year in time. The policy is naturally the first priority. The chaos of this season is absolutely not allowed to be repeated next season.


Previously, the Spanish media have publicly stated on many occasions that players like De Thomas, who may play a key role in La Liga in the future, do not automatically reduce the terms of the penalty once they are downgraded. This can basically be regarded as the team and these new players. The signed players have reached a consensus, and both sides are ready to start all over again after falling to the second division, instead of just being a fire-fighting mercenary for half the season.


For today's Spaniards, this is more or less a good sign.


Some young players in the Spanish team made their first appearances in La Liga, and they seemed a bit jerky. Relegation is bound to be a major failure for the club, but it is a rare opportunity for them.


Under the background that many original main players or important rotations may leave the team, even if the Spaniards make a lineup transformation in order to return to La Liga, they will inevitably have more opportunities to exercise. "Funerals should be treated as happy events", although it is not a reasonable approach, but it can be regarded as a relatively special "buffer zone."

在许多原始的主要球员或重要的轮换阵容可能离开团队的背景下,即使西班牙人为了重返西甲而进行了阵容改造,他们也不可避免地会有更多的锻炼机会。 “葬礼应视为喜事”,虽然这不是一种合理的做法,但可以将其视为一个相对特殊的“缓冲区”。

The Spaniard has been able to get so much attention from Chinese fans this season. To put it bluntly, it is because of Wu Lei, so in the end, he can't get around his stay.


Without the need for others to figure out psychological activities, Wu Lei has already revealed his thoughts clearly in his weekly diary.


"I once enjoyed being cheered by the fans on my shoulders, so I should also bear the grief of losing with them. In fact, the overall level of the second league is still higher than that in China. I have always said that I am not I don’t think it’s a disgraceful thing for Chinese players to play in the Second Division. After so many years, I finally realized my dream of studying abroad. If I chose to return to China just because La Liga fell to the Second Division, then all the efforts before. It's all in vain, and it is inevitable that I feel too sorry for myself."


Although we cannot completely rely on a diary more than half a year ago to make a 100% estimate of the future, except for himself and the relevant clubs, no one else can say exactly what kind of choice is the most appropriate. Is what he wants most.


The overall level of West B is far from as low as imagined, and the European predecessors Yang Chen, Zheng Zhi and Shao Jiayi have also experienced downgrades.


In recent years, there are not many Japanese and Korean foreigners who have broken into the second-level league, and Wu Lei may not have to follow this path. If you can follow the Spaniard to be promoted to La Liga again, isn't it a good story?


Wu Lei's overseas career may also serve as a bright mirror. The predecessors planted trees and the descendants took advantage of the coolness. If Chinese football can go out more, it may be the right way.


If it is finally confirmed that there are teams from other five major leagues extending an olive branch to Wu Lei, then it is also a way out.


But if it is really the Premier League Wolves that have surfaced before, such a team with aspirations in the Premier League’s Champions League and with many strong forwards may not be suitable for Wu Lei’s golden career development. Of course, the answer can only be revealed by him, and all we can do is blessings.


In fact, compared to Deportivo de La Coruña and other veteran teams that have never returned after being relegated to the second division, the Spaniard must have suffered heavy losses in this relegation, but it will not fall to that stage.

事实上,与拉科鲁尼亚(Deportivo de LaCoruña)和其他退役后降级到第二支球队的老将相比,西班牙人在这次降级中必定遭受了沉重的损失,但是不会跌到那个阶段。

There is basically no pressure on debt, and there is a chance to make room for wages by expiring contracts. The overall capital has a greater advantage in the Second Division. This has somewhat given the Spaniards who are in chaos and confusion this season to find the right direction. Opportunity for rebirth.


In fact, the second division is not as weak as most fans think, but in the final analysis, as a second-tier league, with the size and team of the Spaniard, it is still enough to become the one who actively controls the destiny. Any second-level league is a big deal for an established team. Next, whether to sink deeper or return sooner, let us wait and see

实际上,第二分区并不像大多数球迷所想象的那样脆弱,但是归根结底,作为一个二线联赛,凭借西班牙人的规模和球队,它仍然足以成为主动控制命运的人。 。任何一支二级联赛对于一支成熟的球队来说都是一件大事。接下来,无论是下沉还是早点返回,让我们拭目以待

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