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亚博城手机注册|恐怖命中率+14板总决赛成浓眉个人秀 连续30+剑指FMVP
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亚博城手机注册|恐怖命中率+14板总决赛成浓眉个人秀 连续30+剑指FMVP

On October 3, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers launched their second battle against the Miami Heat. Anthony Davis played an eye-catching game. He played 39 minutes, scored 32 points on 15 of 20 shots and scored 14 points. Rebounds (including 8 offensive rebounds). Davis' total scoring data in the first two games of the Finals rose to third place on the Lakers. Under his leadership, the Lakers defeated their opponents 124 to 114.

北京时间10月3日,洛杉矶湖人队与迈阿密热队展开了第二场战斗。安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)打了一场引人注目的比赛。他出场39分钟,在20投15中得到32分,并且得到14分。篮板(包括8个进攻篮板)。戴维斯在总决赛的前两场比赛中的总得分数据上升至湖人第三位。在他的领导下,湖人队以124比114击败对手。

Davis scored 34 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks in the last game, becoming the third-highest player in the Lakers history in a single game in the Finals. And his advantage in the basket has become a key link in restricting the Heat's defense. Davis played efficiently and allowed the Lakers to play extremely smoothly. No matter what defense Davis faced, he could form an absolute dislocation.


In this game, Adebayor was unable to play due to injury, which made thick eyebrows one less competitor and gave the Lakers a greater advantage in the inside. From the beginning of the game, the thick eyebrows established that they should put pressure on their opponents under the basket, and the continuous second offense became a nightm亚博888appare for the Heat's defense.


The climax point where the thick eyebrows really played occurred in the third quarter. The Lakers continued to look for Davis as soon as they came up in the second half. He hit forty-five-degree mid-range jumpers on the right three times, completely ignoring the defenders. At the same time, Davis used the offensive rebounds three times in a row at this stage to finish the second offense and directly hit the Heat's penalty area. In the third quarter, the thick eyebrow continued a wave of offensive bombing, which forced the Heat to call a timeout, and even the angry old captain Haslem ranted frantically during the timeout.


In the third quarter alone, Davis made 7 of 8 shots and scored 15 points. His dominance of the basket has become a difficult problem for the Heat's defense. How to solve Davis' threat to the basket has also become the primary strategy for opponents to overcome the difficulties of the Lakers.


Although the Heat once stubbornly chased the point difference to single digits, after Davis played in the last quarter, the team established a huge advantage. At 5 minutes and 55 seconds of the fourth quarter, Davis grabbed the offensive rebound and hooked the shot. As a result, the ball rolled around the basket and then rolled out. Davis shot and grabbed the ball and scored easily. This ball became a microcosm of Davis's offense 亚博城手机注册in this game. The advantage of his height and wingspan allowed him to ask for anything in the penalty area. What makes many Heat players a headache is that on the defensive end, Davis has become a big guard for the Lakers' defense. brake. Whenever Davis is on the court, even if the Lakers don't use zone defenses, it's difficult for the Heat's offense to find space to score at the basket.


The existence of Davis not only made the Heat feel extremely confused. In the existing Heat lineup, there is no real defender to limit him, and Davis's weakness is infinitely magnified. Once the Heat are defending the zone, Davis can use a mid-range jumper to end the offense, and he can also pull the defense from the free throw line. And once the Heat keep the mark, Davis's chance to hit one or even two will make him eat and drink.


Davis, who shined in this game, became the best player. If this state can continue in subsequent games, he is expected to help the Lakers win the final championship and become FMVP.


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